Delici-owh-so is a place where my creative energy is directed in many different ways. It's a vessel for my passion for food, photography, writing, and creativity. I want this blog to be full of stories, memories, inspiration, and recipes. I hope that this work can inspire others to recreate similar dishes with different stories and backgrounds. I want to share love through food, and let others experience this love and passion that I have. My concept is using local ingredients, seasonal products, and unique flavors. I like to experiment and make unique flavors approachable and fun. Every recipe is a story!

There will be a new post weekly! Look for it every Sunday night 10PM!


  1. Hey! Thanks for showing me your site. Makes me so hungry just looking at the pictures. I'm definitely going to try some of your recipes out! =]

    - Albert (muji worker that rang you up today)

  2. Thank you! You'll see that mug I bought at some point! :) Let me know how making the food goes! Great to meet you and thank you for the comment!