Sunday, June 12, 2016

Appa's x Delici-owh-so

I recently got the opportunity to partner with a local pop-up in Atlanta! A couple friends of mine invited me to join them as they bring sushi burritos and poke bowls to Atlanta. They will be popping up behind Irwin Street Market in Atlanta every Sunday 5:30pm-8:30pm for all of June and July (minus July 4th weekend). Everything is super delicious, made with love, and worth the wait!

I'll be featuring a different dessert (maybe two) every week. They'll have delici-owh-so macarons and cream puffs, alternating. The flavors will be different every time, so you should come out and try them!

This week, I featured a green tea cream puff. They were topped with a crispy craquelin, which brought a fun texture and a sweetness that accompanies the choux pastry perfectly. They were filled with a light green tea filling that makes for a perfect ending to the sushi meal.

If you're local, this place is a MUST-TRY!!! The bowls and burritos are perfectly seasoned, and they're even better with the appa and umma sauces. Appa is spicy, and umma is sweet. It's a perfect topping for the fresh fish and crispy veggies. "Appa" is father in Korean, and "Umma" means mother. It's a cute and clever way to describe the sauces, and the flavors do not disappoint!

You can definitely tell that all of the food is made with a lot of love, effort, and passion by this one adorable family! I love that I get to take part in bringing great food to our city, and hope that everyone gets the chance to make it out! We put a lot of thought into every element of what we're sharing, and we look forward to the weeks to come! Follow @appasatl and @deliciowhso to see more updates on the featured desserts!

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