Sunday, September 20, 2015

Classic Eggs Benedict

Having brunch on a Sunday is one of my favorite activities. I love eating breakfast food- especially eggs. One of my go-to menu choices is eggs benedict. I love tangy hollandaise sauce on top of perfectly poached eggs. I see it as a perfect balance of tangy, salty, and rich.

Today, we celebrated my mom and stepdad's birthdays with our family. Her birthday is today, and my stepdad's birthday is tomorrow. We all got together to enjoy a meal, and eggs benedict on a Sunday afternoon seemed to be the perfect choice. It's not only my go-to, but also my mom's favorite breakfast item.

Eggs Benedict (Makes 4 servings)
8 Eggs
2 tbsp White Vinegar
3 Egg Yolks
1 tbsp Water
2 tbsp Lemon Juice
1 pinch Salt
2 sticks Butter 
4 English Muffins
8 slices Canadian Bacon
Paprika or Chives

1. Prepare your poaching liquid by filling a medium sized pot with water, and then adding a couple tbsp of vinegar. Bring the liquid to just under a boil, and reduce the heat to medium-low heat to maintain the temperature.
2. In a small pot, combine yolks, water, and lemon juice. Whip the yolks until they become pale and thickened.
3. Gently heat the yolk mixture while constantly whisking. Make sure that you're scraping the sides and bottom constantly to prevent curdling. Make sure your heat is low as you do this. The mixture will begin to froth and then thicken.
4. Once thickened, add the butter slowly. If the butter is softened, it will make this process easier. Reserve 1 tbsp of butter.
5. Once the sauce is made, you can add salt to taste, add additional lemon juice if needed. Set aside the sauce.
6. Crack one egg into a small ramekin. Have a slotted spoon an a paper-towel lined plate available. You want to make a thick layer of paper towels to soak up excess water.
7. Gently tip the egg into the pot of poaching liquid. Use the spoon to very slowly swirl the water. This will help maintain the shape of the egg.
8. Gently swirl the egg for about 1.5 minutes, until the white has cooked, but the yolk feels very soft. Remove the egg with the slotted spoon, and tip it onto the paper towel to soak up the excess liquid. Repeat the process for the remaining eggs.
9. Toast each half of the english muffins. Once toasted, spread the remaining butter onto each piece.
10. Quickly heat the canadian bacon on both sides, you want to lightly brown it.
11. Place a piece of canadian bacon on each piece of toasted english muffin, and then add the poached egg on top. Spoon a generous portion of hollandaise sauce on top of each egg and sprinkle with paprika to garnish.
 12. Serve immediately, and enjoy!

This recipe does take a little time and multitasking, but I assure you, it is SO delicious. The richness of the egg yolk was a perfect complement to the sourdough english muffin and salty canadian bacon. It was the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, and I would definitely make it again. Happy birthday Umma and Appa!

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