Sunday, February 8, 2015

Food Tip: Bacon Saver

Bacon- pretty much the most delicious thing ever! It goes well with basically everything. For big families, it's easy to go through a 1 pound pack of bacon in one breakfast. This food tip is great for college students or singles who can't finish 16 ounces of bacon in a short amount of time. Freezing bacon is a great answer, but it's a very difficult hassle to thaw out and cook.

I recently found the solution to the bacon problem!

Previously, I had folded the bacon up and placed them into a plastic bag, so that I could take out one or two strips at a time. This was problematic, because the bacon would take at least 10 minutes to thaw out in a pan on low heat. If I turned up the heat, it would burn so easily.

Thus, individually wrapped bacon! The key to doing this is using parchment or wax paper and cutting it to size. Then, place a piece on each side of the bacon slice. This way, when the bacon is frozen, it'll be easy to separate the slices. When you're ready to use it, you just peel off the paper and place it into the frying pan! The slice thaws in seconds, and you can easily have as much bacon as you need! The wrapping process takes about 20 minutes, but it saves 10 times that in the long run!

You can have perfect bacon anytime to eat with your egg-toast! :)

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  1. The frozen bacon struggle is real. With my left over bacon, I will try this out before I place them in the freezer. Thanks for the tip!