Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pepero Day (Redux)

Flavors: White Striped, Coffee, Orange Zest, Sprinkled
Today's 11/11 again! That means Pepero Day! Pepero is a popular Korean cookie shaped like sticks. They resemble the number 1, so 11/11 was somehow deemed pepero day. It's a day when people share pepero with their friends and loved ones.

I made pepero this year again! I dipped Pringles Sticks into melted chocolate and sprinkled them with an array of toppings! They're similar to last year, but I changed them up slightly this year!

Flavors: Green Tea, Earl Grey, Sprinkles!

Post pictures on the Facebook Page or in the comments section of the pepero you made! And check out the post from last year!

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