Sunday, July 13, 2014

Handmade Pasta

There's something endearing about making handmade pasta. It takes a bit of effort (especially if you don't have a standing mixer...), and a little elbow grease but it is a completely different end product than storebought, dry pasta. Its simple to make and a great way to impress guests.

Handmade Pasta (makes 3 servings)
1 cup Flour
7 Egg Yolks

1. Pour the egg yolks over the flour and knead to a stiff dough. 
2. Make sure that the flour is completely incorporated into the egg yolks. This is easier with a standing mixer with the dough hook attachment, but it is possible to do by hand. 
3. Cut the dough into thirds and then roll each third into a very thin sheet. 
4. Be sure that the pasta is rolled as thinly and evenly as possible. It should be almost paper thin. 
5. Use a pastry roller to cut the dough into thin strands or whatever shape you choose.
6. When cooking the pasta, season the water and boil until tender, about 7 minutes. 
7. Drain and rinse the pasta under cold water and add to whatever sauce you choose. 

There are several pasta recipes on this blog if you need to come up with a sauce :) Just type in pasta in the search bar to the right! 

This pasta freezes well, as long as it is well wrapped. It's a relatively quick process and pretty much foolproof :) 

Update: there's a new box to the right that allows for messages and catering inquiries! If you are interested in having a delici-owh-so catered event, send me a message and I will get back to you ASAP. This mainly applies to Georgia locations, but I would love to read messages and delici-owh-so experiences from anywhere! 


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