Sunday, May 25, 2014

Goodbye Providence

I came back to Georgia today. I actually got back a little over an hour ago. I apologize for the late post, everyone! Anyways, instead of a recipe today, I wanted to recollect on my past three years of college, graduation, and much more.

Through college  I learned about business and cooking, how the two mesh together in what can create very different outcomes, how I could possibly start a business of my own, and what luxury food and standards are.I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I was an extreme ESFJ, I learned how to care for people, I learned how to live on my own, and I learned that I need to continue to cultivate the amazing friendships and relationships that I formed while I was in Rhode Island.

Friends- They have been supportive through and through. I have been immensely blessed to meet all of the wonderful people I did in Providence. Not only did they support me with words, but with actions. They encouraged me, cared for me, and laughed with me until the sun came up. I wanted to share with everyone some of the contributions that my friends will be making to delici-owh-so :)

 My friend, Matt Tso made this amazing cutting board! He's a furniture major at RISD, and made an extremely well crafted cutting board for a graduation/birthday gift :)

My friend Carmen gifted me a cute mug and jug! :) She's definitely one my closest friends, and I miss her so much already!

It was really hard to say goodbye to many of my friends... I am going to miss them so much, but I really hope to keep in touch!

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