Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wedding Cake

I love weddings. They're such amazing days filled with love, joy, excitement, and new beginnings. Recently, my aunt got married, and she asked me to do her cake (she's the one in the background). The cake was a vanilla chiffon cake with strawberry mousse, fresh strawberries, rum syrup, and vanilla buttercream. I covered with fondant, hand-piped details with royal icing, and finished the cake with fresh flowers.

Although this blog is meant for people to recreate the recipes I post, I figured I would share this story. Unfortunately, I do not think I can guide people through the process of making one of these... but I hope everyone who sees this can see the intricacy, detail, and artwork that goes into making cakes. Although this post won't teach you a recipe to create a story with, it will give you some insight into my passions and the reason behind what I do.

This is one reason I decided to go into the industry that I am in. I have had a passion for food because it is something that can bring joy to people. I love being able to put a smile on people's faces by filling their stomachs. I decided to pursue pastry as a career because I wanted to be able to come home and cook dinner for my family after a day of working. I figured if I'm cooking all day, I wouldn't want to come home and cook more. I also love making pretty things, and pastry seemed to fit well.

I love the science behind pastry and the way that basic ingredients (butter, sugar, eggs, flour, etc.) can produce such different products and be used in so many different ways. It's a fascinating art form and I love to use the hands that God gave me to create things that can bring such joy to people.

I'm very glad i was able to make the newlyweds happy :) Congratulations Aunt Kathy and Uncle Pete!


  1. You are a wonderful human being. And so talented! Add me on facebook! (I tried to find you, but couldn't) haha TOTALLY stalker-ish but anyways, love the blog. <3 -Suzie

  2. These are great, but these weddings are about particular characters and personalities. They are fine to poach ideas that you can build on and refine, but ultimately...punta cana wedding and honeymoon

  3. Wow, I am totally in love with these photos of this cute wedding cake. It looks like a cake from fairy movie. My cousin’s fairy themed wedding is going to be held soon at the garden event Venues in San Francisco and for her wedding cake design I am definitely going to share this idea with her.

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